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VIDEO: Domestic abuse of Taiwan lawmaker demands swift legal reform

  • 02 December, 2021
  • Emma Benack
VIDEO: Domestic abuse of Taiwan lawmaker demands swift legal reform
Lawmaker Kao Chia-yu's boyfriend Raphael Lin is being charged with assault.

Since Taipei lawmaker Kao Chia-yu reported her boyfriend for assaulting her, people have been demanding that Taiwan take a stronger stance against domestic violence. Advocates for victims of domestic abuse say that society cannot overlook violence hidden within homes and intimate relationships.

Lawyer Chen Meng-hsiu says that the most important thing is for victims to get themselves to safety. If possible, they should try to get pictures and recordings to serve as evidence of abuse and send them to a trusted friend or go directly to the authorities.

According to an online survey, 65% of people think that domestic abuse is a major issue in Taiwan, while just over 30% think it’s not a serious problem.

Advocacy groups say they hope Taiwan will quickly pass new reforms that provide better protection and services for victims of domestic abuse, and eventually break this vicious cycle.

Lawmaker Liu Shyh-fang says that there are currently ten proposals related to domestic abuse under review. Politicians are also considering heavier sentences for abusers.

Time is of the essence - victims of domestic abuse need the full support of Taiwan's government now.


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