Premier hits back at KMT criticism of special defense budget

  • 03 December, 2021
  • John Van Trieste
Premier hits back at KMT criticism of special defense budget
Premier Su Tseng-chang has hit back at KMT criticism of a recently-approved special defense budget.

Premier Su Tseng-chang is hitting back at KMT criticism of a special defense budget that the legislature approved last week. 

The special budget amounts to close to NT$240 billion (US$8.65 billion). It will be spent on procuring arms to bolster the nation’s air and naval combat capabilities. A significant portion has been set aside for the purchase of shore-based anti-ship missiles.

Some in the opposition KMT have voiced their disapproval of the budget, saying that it shows a lack of fiscal discipline. KMT lawmaker Chen Yu-Jen says the government shouldn’t use defending Taiwan against China as justification for extravagant spending. 

On Friday, Premier Su Tseng-chang responded to KMT criticism, saying that the nation’s defense comes before all else. He said that upgrading Taiwan’s ability to deal with Chinese harassment is a necessity. 

However, Su also said that the administration of President Tsai Ing-wen has never just been focused on national defense. He said that Tsai’s administration has allocated funds for a range of other uses, from building infrastructure projects to financing childcare and long-term care for senior citizens.


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