Taiwan starts giving out 2nd COVID boosters to elderly and high-risk groups

  • 16 May, 2022
  • Leslie Liao
Taiwan starts giving out 2nd COVID boosters to elderly and high-risk groups
Taiwan started giving out fourth COVID vaccine shots on Monday

For the past five days, Taiwan has reported more than 60,000 daily cases of COVID-19. As Taiwan navigates life with the virus, it is placing focus on lowering the proportion of severe infections. To help with that, the country has begun giving out second boosters to people over 65 and those with underlying health conditions.

On Monday morning, Taiwan started giving out second COVID-19 vaccine booster shots. But, not everyone is eligible for a fourth dose. Currently, only people over age 65 and those who are in high-risk categories are allowed to get a second booster jab. One elderly woman at the hospital says she’s worried her old age will make her more susceptible to the disease. Another elderly man says he’s getting his fourth shot because that’s what the government recommends.  

The new policy says that people over 65, long-term care facility patients, or immunocompromised people over 18 can get a fourth shot. They must wait five months after their first booster before they can get their second. People can choose between the Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, Medigen, or AstraZeneca COVID vaccines. 

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital Doctor Chen Chih-dao says that right now, not many people are eligible for a fourth shot, but he urges people to get a 2nd booster as soon as they can. 

Right now, around 4 million people, or less than 20% of the population, can get their second booster. Over time, though, that proportion will only increase. Early action may be the key to overcoming this disease.


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