VIDEO: Taiwan promotes local grouper fish sales

  • 23 June, 2022
  • Emma Benack
VIDEO: Taiwan promotes local grouper fish sales

China banned the import of Taiwan's grouper fish ten days ago, after authorities say they found banned chemical substances during testing. It's a major blow to the industry, so politicians are looking for a way to sell more of the fish in Taiwan.

Video script:

As Premier Su Tseng-chang fries up a mix of grouper fish and vegetables, it looks like politics is taking over the kitchen. Su came to this event to convince more Taiwanese people to buy grouper. That's after China banned imports of the fish from Taiwan, claiming it found chemical contamination.

Su says that Beijing has repeatedly used similar tactics to put pressure on Taiwan, like when it blocked Taiwan's shipments of pineapples and sugar apples last year. He says China needs to respect international trade protocol and use scientific proof to back its claims.

Now there are 3,600 metric tons of grouper fish at stake. The government is trying to find other foreign markets to buy at least 1,000 tons of grouper, and it's also encouraging people in Taiwan to support the local fishing industry.

Some supermarket chains are buying up large quantities of grouper to ease the fishermen's hardship.

Premier Su says that grouper fish are popular in Taiwan and overseas. But 90% of exports went to China, so the industry may need to rely on new markets to make up for the loss.


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