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COVID-19 (07/04): Taiwan reports 23,045 local cases, 69 deaths

  • 04 July, 2022
  • Staś Butler
COVID-19 (07/04): Taiwan reports 23,045 local cases, 69 deaths
Taiwan's COVID-19 case numbers for July 4, 2022.

Taiwan reported 23,045 new local cases of COVID-19 on Monday. That’s the lowest number in almost two months.

If you take into account the population of each area of Taiwan, the Penghu Islands are a hotspot for the virus. More than 150 people have new cases of COVID there in a population of just over 100,000. The Matsu Islands are also dealing with a high number of infections, as is Hualien County.

Another 69 people have died from COVID-19. Most were over the age of 80 and less than a third had taken three doses of a COVID vaccine.

Out of the 23,045 people confirmed with COVID on Monday, 167 have moderate or severe symptoms.

Taiwan also recorded 73 imported cases of COVID-19 on Monday. 


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