VIDEO: Inflation and egg scarcity raise breakfast prices

  • 14 February, 2023
  • Emma Benack
VIDEO: Inflation and egg scarcity raise breakfast prices

Ordering takeout for breakfast is very popular in Taiwan. But longtime customers may start noticing that breakfast prices are not what they used to be.

Video script:

Savory radish cakes sizzle on a well-oiled stove. These breakfast treats look delicious, but people may have to think twice before ordering an extra serving. 

That’s because breakfast prices are on the rise, particularly for so-called “Western” options like sandwiches and burgers. Some people say they now spend around NT$130 to NT$200 on breakfast every day.

Estimates show that the average prices of Western breakfast items has gone up by over 8%. For people who eat out for three meals per day, that price change is having an impact on their wallets.

In the past, NT$200 could be enough to cover three restaurant meals a day. But the rising costs of food prices mean that people who like ordering takeout might need to spend twice as much money now.


Shop owners say they have no choice but to raise their prices because the cost of raw ingredients is increasing and they need to make a profit somehow.

Before the Lunar New Year, many manufacturers chose to temporarily freeze prices, but that changed after the holidays. For now, people may have to adjust their dining habits or get used to paying a little extra for their favorite meals.


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