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VIDEO: Vape ban officially enacted in Taiwan

  • 22 March, 2023
  • Brendan Wong
VIDEO: Vape ban officially enacted in Taiwan
E-cigarettes now banned in Taiwan (Photo: CNA)

Public health is a government priority. The increasing popularity of vaporized nicotine products has raised concerns about its impact on Taiwanese youths, so lawmakers are taking action to address the situation. 

Video script:

Vaping, or consuming nicotine through vaporizing devices, has become increasingly popular, especially among teens. 

Vapes were once touted as a potentially healthier alternative for smokers. However, starting last year, Taiwanese lawmakers began to propose legislation banning the import, sale, and manufacture of e-cigarettes, another term for vapes. 

Amendments to Taiwan’s tobacco regulations passed the legislature earlier this year and were officially enacted on March 22. These changes effectively banned vaping products and tightened regulations on heated tobacco products. Heated tobacco products are another type of smoke-free nicotine.

For citizens, using an e-cigarette anywhere can incur a fine from NT$2000 (US$66) to NT$10,000 (US$330).  Businesses that deal with e-cigarettes can also face a fine from NT$10 million (US$330,000) up to NT$50 million  (US$1.65 million). 

In addition to banning vaping products, the amendments will also raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 20. They will also ban smoking on school campuses and increase the prevalence of warning signs on tobacco products. 

One woman says this change will probably reduce the number of people harming their bodies. Another man adds his living environment will probably improve as a result. 

Though the amendments are now in effect, Taipei’s health authorities say the law is hard to enforce because vaping occurs quickly and authorities lack the manpower for enforcement. 


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