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VIDEO: Loud music disturbs visitors to Hehuanshan

  • 20 November, 2023
  • Chris Gorin
VIDEO: Loud music disturbs visitors to Hehuanshan
Taiwan's Hehuanshan sometimes gets snow during winter in Taiwan, but some recent visitors to the mountain didn't find what they expected. (Photo: CNA)

Recent cold weather has many people hoping to see snowfall on Taiwan’s tallest mountains. But last weekend, some mountain visitors got an unexpected surprise. 

Video script:

Hehuanshan is known for its beautiful views and with the first wave of cold weather hitting Taiwan, many snow chasers were hoping to catch a glimpse of the year’s first snowfall. 

But instead of snow, they were met with techno. 

Early in the morning over the weekend, several people were seen and heard playing loud electronic music from their cars, with the doors open. The music could be heard echoing through the mountains for long distances, say witnesses. 

Several angry tourists complained about the music on social media, with one person saying it was so loud they thought it was a temple parade. 

The parking lot was overcrowded last weekend, with many people parking illegally and receiving citations. But what about the noise?

Deputy Director of Taroko National Park Management Lin Chung-shan ( 林忠衫)says that there are no noise laws in national park parking lots, so the only thing that can be done at the moment is to discourage people from being too loud. 

The national parks remind visitors that there are noise laws in designated areas such as campsites, but ask people to respect those around them in the parking lots. Otherwise, you might be like last weekend's tourists who didn’t see snow but faced an avalanche of noise. 


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