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VIDEO: Nationality controversy of vice presidential candidates resolved

  • 05 December, 2023
  • Filip Leskovsky
VIDEO: Nationality controversy of vice presidential candidates resolved
Hsiao Bi-khim was interview on a radio show about her nationality, views and opponents. (Photo: CNA)

In an ongoing saga surrounding vice presidential candidates' nationality, doubts and questions have arisen, resulting in an investigation and review of all candidates.

The DPP’s VP candidate Hsiao Bi-khim (蕭美琴) discussed the recent controversy surrounding her nationality as well as her vision and opponents during a radio program on Tuesday morning.

Hsiao says that some of her previous statements to the media may have caused some misunderstandings due to the regulations regarding citizenship and household registration. Hsiao has reiterated that she has never said she needed to apply for Republic of China citizenship, but rather, for household registration. In Taiwan, having household registration is a prerequisite for having an identity card and other qualifications to work in the country. Despite Hsiao’s proactive explanations, external skepticism persists, with some people assuming that she had previously renounced her Republic of China citizenship.

The Interior Ministry also urgently issued a press release, emphasizing that all three sets of candidates meet the relevant regulations and possess Republic of China citizenship, including People's Party vice presidential candidate Cynthia Wu (吳欣盈). Wu had previously emphasized multiple times when addressing the nationality controversy that the truth would be revealed on Tuesday but left the country a day before, sparking considerable discussion.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) put an end to the doubts on Tuesday afternoon, stating that all the candidates have been successfully reviewed and approved.


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