Culture minister calls on people to maintain a civil society

  • 01 May, 2014
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Culture minister calls on people to maintain a civil society
Culture minister Lung Yingtai

Culture minister Lung Yingtai spoke out against protests that have disrupted city traffic.

Recent anti-nuclear protests have blocked Taipei’s main Zhongxiao East Road and led to traffic jams. There have also been calls on the internet to organize a protest that would disrupt the metro system.

Lung spoke out on Thursday against this lack of respect for social order. "Taiwan is currently a democratic society. You have your individual vote, public hearings, and you have elections," said Lung. "You also have a system to recall leaders."

"Perhaps our society needs more communication, but we also need more respect for one another. Perhaps what we need is to have a society that is civil and characterized by quality. Whatever your opinion is, it’s very important to maintain the quality and civility of our society."

She said that the government needs more in-depth transparent communication, but a civil society is also considerate towards the opinions of others. Showing respect and tolerance for each other is very important.


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