Freedom House labels Taiwan media “free”

  • 02 May, 2014
  • Editor
Freedom House labels Taiwan media “free”
Freedom House

Taiwan has been ranked 48th in the world for media freedom and labeled "free" by the US-based NGO Freedom House on Thursday

The Freedom House report said only 5% of people in the Asia-Pacific had access to free media in 2013. Taiwan enjoyed the second most freedom in the region, following Japan.

The report awarded Taiwan a score of 9 in the legal, political and economic subsections. Taiwan's overall score was the same as last year.

In Asia, South Korea was ranked 68th and Hong Kong 74th, each gaining "partly free" status. Singapore came in 152nd and China 183rd. Both are considered "not free."

Globally, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden tied for first place, while North Korea came in last at 197th.


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