Taiwanese designers sell cartoon bags to 25 countries

  • 07 May, 2014
  • Editor

Optical illusion bags designed by Taiwanese designers Rika Lin and Chay Su have impressed consumers in 25 countries. That’s according to British newspaper the Daily Mail on Tuesday.

The quirky bags created by the Taipei-based duo are designed to look like bold, colorful drawings that have come to life. This idea came to the designers one afternoon when the friends were sketching their dream designer bag. They thought it would be amazing to turn a two-dimensional hand-drawn illustration into a real bag, so they set off exploring the possibilities.

After much hard work, they started their own brand, Jump From Paper. The designers said they love to confuse people and see customers burst out into laughter once they realize the drawings are real bags.

The bags, which started with a small run in 2010, are now a hit in over 25 countries worldwide, selling at 30 Euros for a purse and up to 150 Euros for bigger bags.

The designers said they're driven by a passion to create laughter and to encourage people to let their imaginations go wild.


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