LGBT rights group plans to lobby legislators for marriage equality

  • 07 May, 2014
  • Editor

The Lobby Alliance for LGBT Human Rights has announced a campaign to lobby lawmakers to place a bill including the legalization of same-sex marriage onto the legislative agenda.

Alliance spokeswoman Chen Chia-chun said Wednesday that the group intends to lobby each of Taiwan’s 113 legislators one by one. She said that LGBT rights are a non-partisan issue. She also said that LGBT rights are a human rights issue rather than a political issue.

The alliance is also gearing up for municipal elections at the end of the year. It has asked all candidates in the election to publicize their attitudes towards same-sex marriage. The alliance has also set up pridewatch.tw, a website cataloguing the attitudes of politicians and other public figures towards same-sex marriage in order to make it easier for voters to inform themselves.


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