Mothballing 4th nuclear plant not cost-effective: Minister

  • 07 May, 2014
  • Editor
Mothballing 4th nuclear plant not cost-effective: Minister
Econ minister Chang Chia-juch

Economics minister Chang Chia-juch says mothballing the fourth nuclear power plant is not cost-effective.

Chang made the remarks at the legislature on Wednesday. He was giving a report on the power plant’s budget.

The controversial fourth nuclear power plant has been under construction since 1999. Opponents of the plant say it is located in an earthquake-prone area. A series of accidents during construction has also raised safety concerns. Following massive protests, the government recently announced that the plant would be mothballed once pre-operational safety checks are completed. The government also said the fate of the plant will be decided in a referendum, but the date of voting has not been set.

On Wednesday Economics Minister Chang Chia-juch said that the future of the plant should be decided once a referendum is completed or when alternative energy sources are found.


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