Talks on trade in goods pact with China postponed

  • 08 May, 2014
  • Editor

Negotiations between Taiwan and China on a trade in goods agreement have been postponed.

The news was confirmed Tuesday. There has been speculation that the delay was due to strong opposition to a controversial trade in services agreement. The trade in services pact was signed last June but remains pending in Taiwan’s legislature. An attempt by a ruling party lawmaker to announce the initial passing of the agreement also led to student occupation of the legislature for more than three weeks.

On Wednesday Economics Minister Chang Chia-juch brushed off such speculation. He said the delay is simply due to differences over certain items in the agreement.

“It’s just that a small task force meeting is being postponed. What the other side said is that they couldn’t make it and hope to meet another time. That’s all. That’s the information we got,” said Chang.


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