Taiwan, China should collaborate in fisheries enhancement: COA

  • 13 May, 2014
  • Editor

The Council of Agriculture (COA) said on Tuesday that Taiwan and China should work together to enhance fish stocks.

The council said global demands for fishery products are on the rise due to the growing population and increased awareness of nutrition. But fish stocks are decreasing because of overfishing.

Taiwan has been working on fishery enhancement over the years by releasing cultured baby fish into the ocean to increase natural supply. But agricultural official Sha Chi-yi said that since some baby fish released by Taiwanese farmers into the Taiwan Straits can swim to China, Taiwan and China should work together in this area.

“So we both agree that we should work together in fishery enhancement, studies, and managing the number and quality of released fish," said Sha. "The two sides should work together to conserve fishery resources.”

Sha also said that fish farmers from the two sides should exchange their experiences in sea ranching and fishery restocking.


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