Government planning national economic conference

  • 13 May, 2014
  • Editor

The government is planning to hold a national economic conference to discuss how Taiwan should deal with regional economic integration. Over 20 top officials and experts will meet on Sunday to discuss this upcoming national forum.

Government spokesman Sun Lih-chyun spoke on Tuesday about the consultation meeting this weekend.

“The consultation meeting will discuss how Taiwan should face regional economic integration, ways and challenges of Taiwan joining regional economic integration and cross-strait policies relations to Taiwan’s economic development," said Sun. "We will also discuss the official time and agenda of the national economic conference.”

Sun said that national forums will probably begin in the end of June in north, central, southern and eastern Taiwan. A national conference may be held from July 26-28. He said the conference will aim to include diverse opinions from society and be transparent in its presentation of information. The conference will also use the Internet to gather public opinion about the issues.


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