Taiwan delegation visits businesses damaged in Vietnam

  • 27 May, 2014
  • Editor

Vice Economics Minister Shen Jong-chin led a delegation to Vietnam to discuss compensation for businesses damaged by recent riots.

The delegation visited the damaged factories and businesses and spoke with Vietnamese officials about compensation. Cabinet spokesperson Sun Lih-chyun explained.

"The vice premier heard Vice Economic Minister Shen Jong-chin speak about the delegation to Vietnam. In addition to thanking them for their hard work, the vice premier has asked related agencies to follow up right away on related matters and to establish a system to manage the compensation and related developments," said Sun.

The government will continue to make sure that Vietnam compensates Taiwanese businesses for damages caused by recent anti-Chinese riots.

The delegation left on Monday to visit and help Taiwanese businesses. A delegation of psychiatrists also went on Tuesday to counsel Taiwanese dealing with trauma from the violent riots.


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