Two more pacts to be signed at 10th round of cross-strait talks

  • 20 February, 2014
  • Editor

Taiwan and China are expected to sign two more agreements at the 10th round of cross-strait talks, scheduled to be held later this month in Taipei. One of the agreements deals with meteorological cooperation, the other with earthquake monitoring.

Taiwan's top China policymaker – Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Chairman Wang Yu-chi – spoke about the two agreements on Wednesday. He said they have already cleared a new national security screening mechanism which was set up earlier this year.

"The MAC first sent the two pacts to the Cabinet's review committee. Then the National Security Council invited experts and scholars to conduct an additional review," said Wang. "The national security screening mechanism was used for the first time on these two agreements."

Wang said the two agreements are not likely to have much of a negative impact on Taiwan since they are not related to national security, sensitive technology, or personnel training.

The heads of two semi-official bodies that oversee exchanges between Taiwan and China are likely to sign the two pacts when they meet in Taipei between February 26-28. That will bring the total number of cross-strait agreements to 21.


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