Today in History

  • 02 March, 2014
  • Editor

On this day in 1946, Ho Chi Minh was elected president of North Vietnam.

On this day in 1949, Captain James Gallagher landed at Fort Worth, Texas after completing the first round-the-world nonstop flight aboard a US Air Force B-50 bomber.


On this day in 1956, France and Morocco issued a joint statement recognizing Morocco's independence.

On this day in 1986, Taiwan's first confirmed AIDS patient died.


On this day in 1986, Queen Elizabeth II signed the Australian Bill, severing Britain's formal ties with its former colony almost two centuries after British convicts were first shipped to Botany Bay in 1788.

And on this day in 1991, referendums were held in both Latvia and Estonia, with most people in the Baltic Sea countries voting for independence.


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