Doctors: Picking or wiping one’s nose could lead to pneumonia

  • 25 October, 2018
  • Editor

As the flu season arrives, doctors are advising the public to wash their hands often. People also should be aware that habits like picking or wiping one’s nose could lead to the flu and pneumonia.

Picking or wiping your nose may seem like a harmless habit but germs can enter the body through the nose. An October UK study found that bacteria can be transmitted through fingers that pick or wipe one’s nose, and that leads to a greater risk of pneumonia.

Our hands pick up bacteria from escalator rails, door knobs, elevators and other places where many people use their hands.

Viruses can last up to an hour on our hands. Thus, they could easily enter the body through the nose, if one touches or picks one’s nose.

Doctor Huang Yao Tsang says that if you don’t wash your hands often, you could easily bring a virus into your body. If your immune system is weak, it could lead to pneumonia.

So this winter, doctors advise the public to wash one’s hands often and thoroughly - and try to avoid habits like picking and wiping one’s nose.


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