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Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan (阮安祖) is a radio and television producer, host and journalist who has been living and working in Taiwan for over 25 years. He produces and hosts Feast Meets West with Ellen Chu. 


Andrew is the recipient of four Golden Bell Awards (Taiwan's television and radio awards). Those accolades include three awards for broadcasting: one for Best Variety Host along with Ellen Chu (Feast Meets West, 2013), one for Best Short Feature along with Natalie Tso (Classic Shorts, 2013), and one for Best Radio Drama (Lost in Dutch Formosa, 2014). He also won a Television Golden Bell for Best Travel Show Host (From Hear to There, 2015) along with Lin Hsin-ting. 

Lost in Dutch Formosa also won a Bronze for Best Writing at the New York Awards (2014), and a special jury commendation at the AIB Awards in London (2014).

The Road to RTI

Andrew is a graduate of Northwestern University in Chicago; he first came to Taiwan on a Fulbright Scholarship in 1996. Andrew is also a freelance translator and has traveled to the UK, France, Italy, Canada and the United States, interpreting for actors and performance troupes. He directs, acts, and writes in his spare time. 


Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @thefeast
Facebook: Andrew's Fan Page