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Sharon Lin

Sharon Lin

Sharon is a local, born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Providence, Rhode Island has also been where she calls home for three years. Sharon got her BA from Fu Jen Catholic University and an MA from Brown University. Her background is in English Literature and Museum Studies (and she genuinely enjoys pretty much all things in the arts!). She loves a good story, and enjoys chatting with people about anything they are passionate about. Literally, could be anything! Seeing people shine fuels her flame. 


In her free time, Sharon loves solo-traveling, walking around historic sites, flea markets, traditional markets, and making delicious food for herself and people she loves. Working out, dancing, and tennis are also her thing. If you see her wearing headphones, she's probably thinking about her next dance choreography. Sharon also runs a YouTube channel where she shares what's inside her weird, nerdy brain, as heard on several episodes on Hear in Taiwan.


Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @sharonlin_human
YouTube: @SharonLinfromTaiwan