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Brendan Wong

Brendan Wong

Brendan Wong was born and raised in Taiwan. He does not always enjoy writing introductions about himself, but, when he does, he likes to mention that his three older sisters encouraged him to take this job as a radio host!

He graduated from Rice University with a double major in Sociology and Ecology. In his college career, he also managed a student-run coffee shop, conducted coral reef research, sang in an a capella group, and produced two different podcasts. He has a passion for trying new experiences and asking questions that are not often asked. 

Currently, he produces two shows. Status Update is a show that reads letters, emails, and comments from our listeners. Love! On Air is a brand new program that seeks to understand romantic relationships in Taiwan. He also appears on Hear in Taiwan and Taiwan Insider! 

When he's not working, he likes to watch TV shows on 1.25x speed, sing in the shower, and take photos (not all at the same time) !

If you'd like to reach Brendan, you can connect with him here: 

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @rtienglish

or even LinkedIn !