This program is no "lemon"

  • 01 December, 2018
  • Andrew Ryan
Lemon and honey proved not to be a cure for one Taipei city mayoral candidates' election woes, but perhaps it can offer relief from your headaches. (Photo by Evan Amos)

Of all of the food-related topics we saw this campaign season, perhaps the most memorable came from an independent candidate for Taipei Mayor Wu Er-yang, who touted the health benefits of drinking “honey lemonade”. During a televised debate, he said that forgoing meat for a month and drinking honey lemonade had cleared up a skin condition and a lump under his eye. Google Trends sed that led to a significant increase in searches for "honey lemonade." But how much truth is there to his claims?

Today's Menu: In our first course, we’ll tell you some fun facts about lemons. In our second course we’ll tell you about a lemon-related drink that might offer relief from headaches. And in our third and final course, we’ll introduce a salty and sour drink from Hong Kong! 

This episode of the Feast may not cure your headaches, but we guarantee that it's no "lemon"!