Sweet start to 2019!

  • 05 January, 2019
  • Andrew Ryan

During the Chinese New Year holidays, people prepare sweet treats for the Kitchen God so that he will say nice things about them to the Jade Emperor. In today's program, the first of 2019, Andrew Ryan serves up some sweet treats in the hopes that co-host Ellen Chu will say nice things about him too! But... WILL IT WORK?!

Today's menu: In our first course, we’ll tell you why the Indian system of natural healing (Ayurveda) says you should eat your dessert BEFORE your meal. In our second course: is it a green onion? No, it’s candy! We’ll tell you about a traditional Taiwanese sweet with an interesting name and shape. And in our third and final course, we'll share our New Year’s Resolutions for 2019. Plus how did we fare with our resolutions from last year??