Taiwan on world map of chocolate

  • 03 March, 2019
  • Carlson Wong
Taiwan No.9 Double Ferment Rough Ground (Photo by Fu Wan Chocolate)
CEO of Fu Wan Chocolate, Warren Hsu (Photo by Fu Wan Chocolate)
Fu Wan Chocolate (Photo by Fu Wan Chocolate)
Fu Wan Chocolate (Photo by Fu Wan Chocolate)

Taiwan’s cocoa industry has experienced a boom in recent years after chocolate made from cocoa grown locally in Taiwan received numerous international awards. CEO of Fu Wan Chocolate, International Chocolate Award Gold Prize Winner, Warren Hsu said he has won 45 awards. In 2018, Fu Wan chocolate won a gold medal with its Tie Guan Yin tea-flavored dark chocolate bars. Warren Hsu said Taiwan produces the best tea and chocolate, so he thought why not blend tea with chocolate? The result was amazing. When people first discovered his chocolate, they were curious about the shrimp chocolate he made, and in the future, Warren Hsu said he plans to make chocolate blended and infused with Chinese medicine or flowers.