Amb.Michel Ching-long Lu discusses WHA

  • 06 October, 2019
  • Carlson Wong
Ambassador Michel Ching-long Lu (second from left) receives a certificate of appreciation from Education Ministry (Photo by MOE)
Amb.Michel Ching-long Lu gives speech at Kun Shan University, southern Taiwan (Photo taken from Kun Shan University)
Amb.Michel Ching-long Lu

Ambassador Michel Ching-long Lu, a seasoned diplomat said Taiwan has been performing well in the international community. Taiwan’s GDP value represents 0.95% of the world economy, ranking 19th highest in the world. He added that PRC should not block Taiwan's participation in the international organizations including the WHO. Taiwan can help and is willing to help other countries in the area of health, according to 2019 health index released in August this year by business magazine CEO World, Taiwan has the best healthcare system in the world.