The Taiwan Stray Bunny Protection Association

  • 05 October, 2019
  • English Service

Friday was World Animal Day, a day dedicated to promoting animal welfare across the world. Taiwan is one part of the world where animal welfare has improved markedly in recent decades- and not just for cats and dogs or the endangered species you might be thinking of. Even Taiwan’s smallest animals are the focus of growing concern. One of the groups at the forefront of protecting smaller creatures here is the Taiwan Stray Bunny Protection Association, a group that has spent the past ten years rescuing abandoned rabbits and putting them into good homes. Last week, I had the chance to attend one of the group’s monthly adoption drives. Hsieh Pao-tsu was in charge of the event. She’s been rescuing rabbits for ten years now, and she now heads the organization’s rescue division. She took a few minutes to step away from the event to tell us about the organization’s work