Indonesians in Taiwan

  • 30 November, 2019
  • English Service

When Tony Thamsir came to Taiwan in the 1990’s, many local people had only vague impressions of his home country, Indonesia. Now, around 25 years on, the situation has changed completely. Taiwan is actively looking to Indonesia- for trade, for friendship, and also for a source of labor. Thousands and thousands of Indonesians have come as temporary migrants, while others have settled down more permanently.  And Tony is the bridge between these people and their new home. He broadcasts to Indonesian audiences from right here at RTI, and he’s also a fixture of Taiwan’s Indonesian-language TV news bulletin. He doesn’t just engage with his audience, either- he actively fights for their rights. With his insiders’ knowledge, there are perhaps few better people to ask about Taiwan’s Indonesian community. He joins us in the studio this week for a look at who’s making the move from Indonesia to Taiwan- and why.