Taiwan’s artistic swimmers to perform at Tokyo Paralympics

  • 09 February, 2020
  • Carlson Wong
Athletes with disabilities during practice (Photo by Julia Startch)
Julia Startch, right top, with children from Taichung’s Hui Ming school for the blind and children with CP (Photo by Julia Startch)  

Even though artistic swimming has been an event at the summer Olympics since 1984 that is not the case with the Paralympics. In 2014, the founder of Synchronized Swimming Association of Taiwan, Julia Startch along with other 8 countries worked hard to make it possible for artistic swimmers with disabilities to compete in Paralympics. In 2020 the sport will be presented to Paralympics committee and Synchronized Swimming Association of Taiwan will travel to Tokyo this year with the sponsorship of Da Jung Company and B.Happy Corporation fromTaiwan.

Please watch video provided by Julia Startch


RTI’s interview with Julia Startch in May 2019