Taiwan can help

  • 26 April, 2020
  • Carlson Wong
Taiwan donates millions of masks to countries hard-hit by COVID-19 (Photo by MOFA)
A Kenyan professor who has been in Taiwan for a number of years, Dr.Kennedy Ondieki
The Taiwan Association for Global Health Diplomacy (Photo by CNA)
Dr.Kennedy Ondieki, a Kenyan professor in Taiwan

Taiwan has been successful in containing COVID-19 and has won praise from main leaders of the world and Taiwan is now exporting its success to the world. Taiwan has recently made a donation of medical-grade masks to countries that need them. A Kenyan professor who has been in Taiwan for a number of years, Dr.Kennedy Ondieki said the millions of masks donated to other countries are the masks that Taiwanese save in order to make a contribution to the world adding that he himself is thankful to the government of Taiwan for the generous donations to assist the world to fight COVID-19. Dr.Kennedy Ondieki said Taiwan should even be considered for a Noble Prize for discovering that the virus was transmissible from human to human before the outbreak in December.