The Lulin Observatory

  • 04 July, 2020
  • English Service

Every night, high in the mountains of Taiwan’s rugged center, a lone astronomer sits in an observatory control room  monitoring the night sky. It’s solitary work, but for those who wish to unlock the secrets of the universe, it’s work that must be done. Here, the darkness of night is the kind of profound black that most modern people have forgotten, and the stars hang vividly in the cold, deep mountain air. Welcome to the Lulin Observatory, the place the astronomical community turns to when the rest of the world is bright with the sun. Site engineer Mr. Chang has helped bring back much of the observatory’s equipment from abroad and adapted it to Taiwan’s rugged interior. He joins us today for an overview of the observatory’s work and an explanation of the critical role Taiwan has to play in making our view of the night sky complete.