World Vision Taiwan-impact of COVID-19

  • 02 August, 2020
  • Carlson Wong
World Vision helps children to stay at school and receive education. (Photo by World Vision Taiwan)
World Vision helps with the drainage system in Yemen as it accumulates silt and mud and may cause the spread of cholera. (Photo by World Vision Taiwan)
More than 10 thousand lives including 2000 children have been claimed since the civil war in Yemen in 2015. (Photo by World Vision Taiwan)
World Vision Taiwan provides financial assistance to families in need through medical subsidy, emergency help, etc. (Photo by World Vision Taiwan)

The CEO of World Vision Taiwan, Mr.Andrew Wang said COVID-19 has caused a great impact on the organization in many ways, for example many suffer from the economic slump due to COVID-19 and the donation amount will becomes less. And as more suffer from the economic slowdown, more need financial support as well. According to the Regional Manager of Africa & Latin America and Caribbean of World Vision Taiwan, Shine Liu, what is worrisome is domestic violence and child abuse cases as they have been on the rise since the pandemic and they estimate a rise of 20% in the next two years.