Harpsichord and Baroque music in Taiwan! Feat. Pieter-Jan Belder and Alice Sheu (Part 2)

  • 30 January, 2023
RtiFM Online: Come Along!
Alice Sheu and Pieter-Jan Belder.

Hi, it’s time for Come Along! Today we’re continuing our chat with Pieter-Jan Belder (check out the episode from Jan 23rd if you haven’t!) along with Alice Sheu. Alice Sheu holds a Masters in harpsichord performance from the Netherlands. She’s based in the Netherlands working with Pieter-Jan Belder. Alice is the organizer of this year’s Fitzwilliam Festival Taiwan, bringing together wonderful programs to the Taiwanese audience. There’s a quote about musicians that my friend Ivy and I often talk about: Musicians don’t retire. They stop when there’s no more music in them. (I believe it’s from Louis Armstrong.) Today, having two wonderful musicians here, I have to ask them what it is like.