The New Pingxi Coal Mine Museum Area

  • 26 November, 2017
  • jvantrieste
Time Traveler

The Pingxi railway line is an old-fashioned line that trundles slowly through the countryside of northern Taiwan for the benefit of tourists. For people in Taipei, a ride along the line is a popular choice for a day out. The Pingxi area, for which the line is named, is known for its sky lanterns, its waterfall, and the quiet, rural landscapes all around. Despite the steady flow of tourists here today, though, the railway line and the towns in the area were not built by tourism. Instead, from around the turn of the 20th century, coal mining was a major driver for Pingxi’s development. Though the area’s coal mines are now empty and unused, people in this area still feel a strong connection with them. Today, you’ll find  the New Pingxi Coal Mine Museum Area there, a place where both local coal-mining heritage, and Taiwan’s coal-mining history as a whole are on display. As we’ll learn today from museum researcher Yu Pei-hsuan, the museum is both a place for visitors to explore and  for former mine workers to come reminisce.