The Taiwan Rabbit Saving Association

  • 02 December, 2017
  • jvantrieste
Curious John

In the Neihu District of Taipei, there’s a building full of jumping and bouncing around. This is the headquarters of the Taiwan Rabbit Saving Association, a group dedicated to building on Taiwan’s advances in animal rights and working for an animal that often falls through the cracks when it come to animal welfare here. Since the group came together in 2009 as an informal cicle of animal-loving friends, it has grown into an organized network of volunteers working to educate, to rescue, and to heal, but also to have a delightful time. Here to tell us about the association’s work and about Taiwan’s changing attitudes towards small animals is the association’s Wu Fu-an.

Be sure to check out the association's Facebook page at for a look behind the scenes at the rabbit shelter. The association regularly posts adorable new videos!