The Hong Ju Tang Book Company

  • 18 February, 2018
  • jvantrieste
Time Traveler

In an area of Taipei known as “book street” is a shop that’s grown more and more unusual over the years- a book shop. As many of the local book shops go, the Hong Ju Tang Book Company stands out more and more. In part, this is because the book store has been open since 1936. But this bookstore is also notable in that many of its books are in a foreign language- Japanese. Inside are many books that other stores in Taiwan would shrink away from selling- specialized Japanese books on different aspects of science and technology, for instance. But while it’s in a niche market, the store continues to march on even as many local, Chinese-language bookshops go under. How has the store made it for more than 80 years, and why does it continue to succeed? Here to share his thoughts is third-generation shopkeeper Huang Cheng-yeh.