Pingtung County Magistrate Pan Men-An

  • 23 February, 2018
  • Natalie Tso
Pingtung County Magistrate

Tune into Taiwan Today as Natalie Tso brings you an interview with Pingtung County Magistrate Pan Men-An. Pingtung has been called the gateway to Southeast Asia. Pan shares how his government is promoting the New Southboutn Policy, which aims to strengthen ties with Southeast Asia, South Asia, New Zealand and Australia. 


Pan shares how he is reaching out to new immigrants from Southeast Asia as many of them live in Pingtung. He shares how they are becoming key talents and bridges to Southeast Asia. Pan was also the first to set up a Nanyang Sisters Association for new immigrant spouses from these countries as he believes it is very important to help them integrate into Taiwan society. 


Pan shares about the destinations and features of Pingtung tourism and how he is briding ties and exchanges with countries from Southeast Asia. This interview is a part of RTI's series of interviews with city mayors and county magistrates about how they are promoting the New Southbound Policy.