Nantou County

  • 25 May, 2018
  • Natalie Tso
Nantou County Sec-General Hung

Tune into Taiwan Today and hear from Nantou County Secretary General Hung Jui-chi about one of Asia's top emerging destinations. This is part of Radio Taiwan International's series with local officials about how they are promoting the New Southbound Policy. The policy aims to build closer business, cultural, tourism and education ties with Southeast Asia, South Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand.


Nantou County Secretary General Hung talks about the many attractions of Nantou County and how its has been ranked the fifth top emerging tourist destination in Asia by Trip Advisor. Hong shares about the quality of the food at B&Bs and how they are also working on Halal certification to accommodate Muslim visitors. 


Hong shares about the beautiful mountainous terrain of Nantou and the special agricultural products that many take home as souvenirs. Hong highlights why Nantou is one of the must-see places in Taiwan.