The Beitou Library

  • 02 June, 2018
  • jvantrieste
Curious John

Taipei’s Beitou Park is home to a building with a mission to help make the city a little greener. This is the Beitou Branch of the Taipei Public Library, a mix of futuristic and green design set in one of Taipei’s big hot spring districts. In addition to readers, it attracts many visitors who are drawn to come admire its elegant wooden form, its breezy reading spaces, and the way it blends in so perfectly with its surroundings. Design experts have fallen in love with the architecture, which some people have compared to a giant tree fort. Environmental experts seem equally impressed, reeling off a list of features that cut energy use, recycle resources, and maintain harmony with the park all around. Both groups of experts have showered the library with awards. Where did the concept for the library first come from? And what exactly are all these eco-friendly features? Here to tell us is the library’s Shen Tung-mei.