The Eternal Golden Castle

  • 10 June, 2018
  • jvantrieste
Time Traveler

For over 140 years, the southern city of Tainan has been guarded by the fantastically-named Eternal Golden Castle. It’s not really golden, it’s more of a fort than a castle, and its military value has proved to be far less than eternal. But for a time in the 19th century, at least, it had some state-of-the-art features- features that managed to repel invaders during an era of gunboat diplomacy. Today, with its mixture of historic remains and green, park-like spaces, the fort site continues to attract both locals and tourists. Here to tell us about why the fort was built, the action it has seen, and its condition today is historical expert Lee Ching-shan of Tainan’s Cultural Affairs Bureau.