• 28 July, 2018
  • jvantrieste
Curious John

Beneath the waves on sea floors around the world are the remnants of tiny ancient animals. Indiscernible to the human eye, these marine microfossils might at first seem trivial. But studied in labs, they can open up a wealth of information about the environments of the earth’s past. And looked at through a microscope, they reveal a dizzying world of geometric beauty. Since the creatures that leave these marine microfossils behind prefer to live in different conditions, different parts of the world may have a distinctive mix of species. The waters off Taiwan are no exception, and the microfossils of the seas that surround Taiwan have been carefully studied for many decades. The world of marine microfossils is the subject of a new exhibit at Taipei’s National Taiwan Museum, part of a series of exhibits celebrating the museum’s 110th anniversary. Here to offer a peek into the exhibit and the surprisingly big world of tiny marine fossils is the exhibit’s designer, Professor Lee Meng-yang of the University of Taipei’s Department of Earth and Life Science.