Prehistoric Chiayi- The Yuliao Site and the Alishan Site

  • 05 August, 2018
  • jvantrieste
Time Traveler

Chiayi County in Taiwan’s south is home to the southern branch of the National Palace Museum. Since this branch opened in 2016, it’s become a place many people associate with art from the Asian mainland, from Japan to India. But while many headline exhibits do show works from beyond Taiwan’s shores, this museum is also deeply committed to showcasing what’s right in its own backyard- quite literally in some cases.

Chiayi is home to archaeological sites thousands of years old that show ancient people thriving in their local environments- and building contacts with other people farther away than you might imagine. Two local sites in particular are the subject of an ongoing exhibit at the museum. Here today to introduce the exhibit is museum curator Lai Yu-ling.