The Xiaolin Pingpu Cultural Museum

  • 18 August, 2018
  • John Van Trieste
Curious John

Xiaolin Village is in a rural part of Taiwan’s south. It’s home to members of the Taivoan people. This is one several so-called “pingpu” or “plains aborigine” groups that fall outside the government’s official list of indigenous peoples. Recognized or not, though, the Taivoan people of Xiaolin hold on tightly to many traditions and have brought back others that had once fallen away. These are tenacious people. Their culture isn’t the only thing they’ve brought back to life. Since 2009, when a landslide killed much of Xiaolin’s population, the survivors have resurrected an entire community. The story of the local Taivoan people and their rebuilding after devastation is told in the Xiaolin Pingpu Cultural Museum. Here to share this story with us today is local cultural expert Wang Min-liang.