The Ghost Month Pudu Ceremony

  • 08 September, 2018
  • John Van Trieste
Curious John

For a few weeks each year, late in the summer, spirits roam the earth. This is ghost month, a period filled with traditional events and taboos. In Taiwan, the details of ghost month events vary from place to place. But there is one event that is held everywhere- the pudu ceremony. This involves a feast laid out for the spirits that is meant to give them solace and earn their good will. Temples, businesses, neighborhood associations, and even private households prepare these ghost month offerings. So, too, does RTI. For those who didn’t grow up with it, this annual ceremony leaves a lot of questions. And so, two weeks ago, as RTI’s ceremony was going on, I pulled aside station secretary-general Wu Jui-wen to get some answers. Now, with just another day to go before ghost month ends, I’m sharing what I learned with you.