Hsinchu: Taiwan's happiest city

  • 31 August, 2018
  • Natalie Tso
Hsinchu Deputy Mayor Shen

Tune into Taiwan Today to hear more about the happiest city in Taiwan, Hsinchu. Deputy Mayor Shen Hui Hong talks about this hi tech hub and why Hsinchu is not only the happiest city but also a city for families and children. 


The interview is a part of RTI's series with top local officials about how they are promoting the New Southbound Policy. That policy promotes ties with Southeast Asia, South Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Deputy Mayor Shen shares about their special services for new immigrants such as their mobile library which features books in nine languages. She also highlights stories of new residents that have made a name and life for themselves in Hsinchu. 


Hsinchu has the highest average income and highest birth rate in Taiwan. Find more about why this city is so attractive for families and visitors alike.