Yushan National Park- Part 1

  • 15 September, 2018
  • John Van Trieste
Curious John

Yushan National Park is home to some of Taiwan’s highest peaks. It’s a hikers’ paradise and a place anyone serious about conquering Asia’s great summits will be sure not to miss. Towering over it all is the park’s namesake- Yushan, or Jade Mountain in English. Atop Jade Mountain is Taiwan’s highest point, and so Jade Mountain itself has become a symbol of Taiwan. The park isn’t all soaring peaks and thin, cold air, though. Inside, you’ll find a range of elevations and microclimates, home to a range of plants and animals. There’s culture and history to explore too. Indigenous people living in the park still observe the same ceremonies their ancestors did, and there’s a story behind the park itself too. Over the next two weeks, the park’s Lin Wenhe will be joining us to share the best of what this rugged area has to offer.