The Kaxabu People (Part 1)

  • 03 November, 2018
  • John Van Trieste

The Kaxabu people are one of Taiwan’s groups of so-called “plains aborigines”. Like many other groups that fall into this category, the Kaxabu don’t hold official indigenous status. But despite not having government recognition, the Kaxabu still hold on to many aspects of their culture, and their language, while endangered, is still in use. If you want to learn more about the Kaxabu, Pan Pao-feng is one of the best people to talk to. She has Kaxabu ancestry, and she’s written a thesis on her people’s traditional magic. She’s also related to important figures in just about every area of Kaxabu life and culture, from authorities on the language and makers of traditional clothing to skilled traditional healers. Over the next two weeks, she’ll be with us to share Kaxabu traditions, introduce some Kaxabu phrases, and tackle the big issues of Kaxabu identity and work towards official status.