How Taiwan's award-winning wine came to be

  • 24 October, 2020
  • English Service

When the late Ben Yang said that his dream was to make a world-class Taiwanese wine, there were only a few who believed it was possible. Ben Yang didn’t live to see it, but he proved the naysayers wrong. Though he had no background in winemaking, he did have a background in agriculture, and he believed in Taiwan’s soil and its farmers. He also happened to know many experts spanning a range of fields, who, when assembled as a team, filled in all the pieces of how Taiwanese wine could succeed. The result is Weightstone, a Taiwanese winery with several estates, and a number of outside grape farmers to boot. Last week, we heard from the brand’s Sean Huang about the story of Ben Yang and his daughter, the current owner. We also heard about how the brand’s unusual name came to be. This week, though, Mr. Huang will fill us in on all the technical challenges that stood in the way of Mr. Yang’s dream, and how the company overcame them to create wines fit for well-heeled VIP’s and heads of state.